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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1’s Web Page!

Please check back regularly for updates and our recent work!
Our teachers are:

Mrs Mason Burke, Mrs Turner, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Spencer.

Miss Newman, Miss Barnett and Mr Poxon also work with our classes.

It’s All Change in Year 1!

All the staff in Year 1 are extremely pleased with the way the children have entered the new school year. They are getting used to different ways of learning and are coping really well.  So far, they have experienced group Guided Reading and whole class Maths No Problem lessons. We have started the term with the well-known story of The Gruffalo, and are currently helping him to look for a new place to live. We have all been given roles to help him, from estate agents to architects and builders.  Now we have just got to get building!

Let celebrate!

Our Year 1 children are well into their Moe topic and have approached it with a super amount of enthusiasm and gusto! We have been investigating why fireworks have been going off in the local community and have found out lots of information about Guy Fawkes and his links to the Gunpowder Plot. We received a new package from Gemma this week with interesting items that related to the festival of Diwali and have been researching and finding out why fireworks are also used by the Hindu faith in the festival of light. We are currently preparing for our board […]

Bang, Crackle, Pop!

In Year 1 we have just started our new MOE topic all about Celebrations. This week we have received a commission from our new client – the local community support officer. There have been lots of complaints from the community about the amount of fireworks that have been going off over the holidays. We have been tasked with finding out why the fireworks have been going off and what they mean.  This week we have received a mysterious package – a torn up photo of a man from the past. We have been thinking about who this man might be and […]

Animals everywhere!

Year 1 had a fantastic time with the animal lady who came to show us a  real mixture of animals. We were visited by a slippery Corn snake, a hairy tarantula, a hissing cockroach and a fluffy bunny. We were very brave and had a feel of all the different animals! We enjoyed learning all about what they like to eat, where they like to sleep and where they originally came from. What an exciting time we have had in Year 1!  

The Stickman

What a busy time we have been having with Stickman! The children were contacted by Mrs Stickman who had wondered about the beautiful lights she had seen in the sky. We found out all about Guy Fawkes and bonfire night and even produced our own Firework pictures using different techniques. Here are some of our brilliant works of art.       After we had read the whole story, Mrs Stickman was very keen to find out where on earth Stickman had been for the year so we retold the story. We talked about how we knew that Stickman had […]