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Welcome to Reception’s Website page.

Our class teachers are Mrs Weller, Mrs Assirati and Miss Spike.

We also have Miss Raybould, Miss Streete and Miss Simmons working in our classes.



Farmer Duck

Wee got a letter this week from Farmer Duck asking Reception for help as now he’s got rid of the lazy, old farmer, he wanted to open his farm to the public but wasn’t sure how to do it…. We have had to plan and label our own farms….it’s tricky working out which animals should go with which… As the week went on, Farmer Duck asked us to solve problems including add extra facilities to our farms for visitors-he’d forgotten about car parks, gift shop, adventure playgrounds and even toilets!! We had to solve the problems by redesigning our farms. We […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Reception have had a brilliant time celebrating Chinese New Year. We have had fun making our own dragons after watching some Lion and Dragon dance competitions, used animal puppets to retell the story of the Chinese New Year race and challenged ourselves to try new Chinese food. The noodles were very tasty! I wonder what your child can tell you about Chinese New Year!

We’re going on a Safari!

Reception have been exploring Africa and the Savanna desert. We flew on our magic carpet and saw lots of different animals – giraffes, rhinos, lions and elephants!   We wanted to find out more about these animals and have made some camouflaged hides so we can watch them without scaring them.     Here is one of our hides…. We are particularly interested in rhinos and have talked about how we can save them from being used for their horns.   We like Africa and the desert… But where will we be going next?!

Magic with Little Bob!

Reception were fortunate enough to have ANOTHER visitor this week – Little Bob the Magician! As we have been planning a surprise birthday party for Tracker from Paw Patrol, this was the perfect entertainment. We were amazed at Little Bob’s tricks – he made a handkerchief disappear, introduced us to his magic pet dog and fixed a toy train just by saying ‘abracadabra!’ What a treat!

Happy Diwali!

Reception, we have loved learning about Diwali! We know that Hindus celebrate this festival of light and have learnt all about the story of Rama and Sita. Some of our mums, dads, grans and grandads visited us to help celebrate Diwali too. Together we made diva lamps out of clay, coloured Happy Diwali cards and created our own rangoli patterns in different ways. We enjoyed having our special visitors and look forward to seeing them again soon! In